A morning stroll to Richmond on the towpath

On a sunny morning walk to Richmond we approached this small inlet just at the end of the lane from Petersham Nurseries. I was immediately taken by a scene which looked almost posed. The man admiring his dragonfly green boat boat, a dog walker letting her dog cool off in the water, a couple walking hand in hand, cyclists and spectators of the scene sitting on the wall. The Star and Garter home and the persham hotel sitting grandly on the hillside lent the air of a classic painting but this was for real. I scrambled for my camera by which time the various groups of people had moved.

Unfortunately my rendition of the scene from a photo has the look of the improbable scenes you get in a jigsaw and I got the car out of scale. I also moved some of the people back into place.

I have vowed this is going to be my last ‘carefully¬† painted’ watercolour. Why do I get sucked into this stye of painting? I think its because I don’t know how to lay the colours onto the paper so I can over work and mingle them, so I tend to paint each object one by one.