Cefalu in Sicily

This is the coastal city of Cefalu in Sicily – well actually its more of a small medieval town but it does have a cathedral whose two towers you can see poking above the town. Apparently the architect thought an imposing cathedral would elevate the town to greater importance. Cefalu is beautiful little town but touristy because of the excellent beach. Although when we were there it was relatively quiet. I painted  sitting on the beach and got  a cricked neck from trying to sit upright without any support . It had also started to spit with rain so I was dabbling furiously to get it finished

What did I learn from this effort? I would have liked to learn how to paint a jumble of houses quickly and more convincingly. The large ‘Rocco’ overlooking the town might have looked better in more muted distant hues. The rock is toweringly massive but my painting makes it look  like a medium sized cliff. Its difficult when it looks quite bright and strong in real life.