The Chairs Cortijas Castenos, Capileira

I am publishing my paintings from holiday in the order they were painted. Mainly because I think the progression from awful to something I almost liked is interesting. Having said that, Trevelez (No 1) should be no 3 in order. I tried to do one painting a day, and only missed one day.

On the patio of our holiday villa, I chose to paint what was in front of me. I was hoping to capture the lightness and shade on the picnic table under the tree. What followed ended in anger and frustration. I got relative sizes wrong, the chairs looked wonky and I painted over them so many times that all traces of spontaneity and dappled shadow disappeared. However having thrown down the painting in disgust, I later discovered that at a casual glance there was a curious resemblance to the reference photo I took. The chairs remind me of a group of mafia meeting for drinks. I will post photo later.

Here it is: