Capileira- View from the back of our cortejo

I missed a pic. This was the view from our villa patio to the hillside behind the house. I left the pylon off the skyline – it looked very elegant, but I knew I would mess up the picture if i tried to put it in.

Next doors goats would work their way across the hillside morning and evening and you could track their progress by the clonking and clanging of their bells. They were accompanied by a sheep dog who gave all appearances of shepherding them across the hill, but if you watched closely he spent all his time ‘mock’ rounding up one of the younger goats. Crouching, watching , creeping forward encircling the goat, until suddenly the goat turned and went for him. He would flee to a safe distance and start the process again. The big billy goat merely butted all the others in the right direction.