To post a picture:

  1. Login using your WordPress user name and password which you joined WordPress with.
  2. Click on the ‘my dashboard’ tab.
  3. Click on Posts>Add new
  4. Put in the title to your pic. Lets stick with the subject title and name eg: Freedom by AN Other
  5. Write your text in the box below.
  6. To put in your picture, insert your cursor before the beginning of the text and click on Add media – the first little square picture icon. This brings up a screen which allows you to browse to your picture and select it for upload. Add a title to the picture and click on the “insert into blog’. leave the picture size and position as the default which has been set up to align on the right.
  7. To add more pics or photos (please keep number of extra pics to a minimum and relevant to the execution of the main pic): Put cursor in front of the block of text where you want it to align to eg 2nd para. Depending on the length of the text the pic may appear lower down but this can’t be helped.
  8. In the tags box add word tags separated with commas. This makes it visible to google eg Watercolour,hampton,court,palace,celebrity
  9. In the categories section, select the category the painting goes in by clicking in the selection box. DO NOT TRY AND ADD ANY NEW CATEGORIES (if you can as an author)
  10. On the right select status ‘published’ and then click the publish button. If you click save, it will save the pick but not publish it.

To add comments on other pictures.

If you are viewing a category eg Celebrity, you will see everyones pictures in that category. double click the picture title and it will open that picture on its own with a comment box underneath. Add your comment and click on the ‘submit comment’

To change something you have uploaded

At a later stage you can amend any of your posts or comments but you can’t edit other peoples (only the moderator can do that).

  1. Login
  2. Click ‘Manage’
  3. Click on the section you want to manage eg comments
  4. Click on the item in the list you want to edit
  5. Save

To view Comments

Under the title is a little link which says how many comments have been added. Click on this or click on the title of the picture