Its all over

The grand result was a resounding draw which is good news for all involved. The first round of voting saw every artist have one picture with the same number of votes (2) – all that is except me (David), who had a different picture chosen by all voters! The second round saw three distinct groups appear but still no clear winner. Rather than declare it a draw I added the points of all the paintings in these three groups to see which artist was the most popular and came up with the following:

Sue (Cumbria)
Jane and Viv equal

The 4 prizes (of equal value) were rather arbitrarily allocated to the deserving winners.

For the record the groupings were:

Group 1
Absorbed by Viv
Comfort by Sue (Cumbria)
Fall by Ingrid
Softness by Jane

Group 2
Abandoned by Dave
Curiosity by Sue (Cumbria)
Pose by Ingrid
Softness by Sue (Middlesex)
Thrilling by Sue (Cumbria)

Group 3
Heroes by Ken
Hope by Jane
N Norfolk by Dave
Nurture by Viv
Stretch by Sue (Middlesex)
Swim by Ingrid

The real winner was the success of the club. The picture of the year showed the diversity of talent and indeed the diversity of opinion on what makes a good picture. There have been over 340 pictures published and up to 1200 page views a month (excluding contributors)

So to all you visitors who have been watching our sometimes painful progress towards painting competence please join in the fun by emailing me for a login. You don’t need to know us to join in and you will be most welcome whatever your standard. You will find my email on the about us page.



These are the paintings which were first choice votes. I would like you all to vote again on these pictures choosing an a 1st, 2nd place and a 3rd place avoiding the ones you have already voted for or yourself (as if anyone would stoop so low!). I will add the new votes to the old votes (one point for each vote) and see if we come out with a winner. I am trying to drill down to the painting with the most overall approval. Painters in no particular order. If you think my voting system is flawed let me know because I haven’t given this a great deal of thought.

Please note: Any of these paintings may have collected more than one vote already but I am not saying which.

Heroes by Ken


Softness by Jane


Mothers by Sue Middx


Nurture by Vivien


Pose by David

Sandra unwittingly posing

Walks by Sue Middx


Bluebells by ken


Absorbed by Vivien


Holidays by Vivien

port gaverne

Softness by Ingrid

Polly in colour

Mother by David


Abandoned by Sue Cumbria

Going nowhere

Fall by Ken

fall 1low res

Taste by Jane


Bird’s Eye View by ken

bird's eye view

Simplicity by Sue Cumbria


Fall by Ingrid


Softness by Sue Middx


Textures by Vivien

Thrilling by Sue Middlesex


Curiosity by Sue Cumbria


Abandonded by David

Society's abandoned people

Almost Midnight by Ingrid


Rotation by Viv

spiral galaxy

Frozen by Dave

Frozen but having fun

Swim by Ingrid


Comfort by Sue Cumbria


Hope by Jane

Hope Cove

Underground by David

Hounslow Underground Station

Silhouette by Ken

Simplicity by Jane


Thrilling by Sue Cumbria

Thrilling finish

North Norfolk Coats by Dave (Other Paintings)

Salt Marshes, Brancaster, North Norfolk

Pose by Ingrid


Stretch by Sue Middlesex