This  is my first attempt at recession and hills. As this was from a camping holiday in 2008, it was done from a photo I took at the time.  I’ve tried to keep to a limited palette and started off by giving the whole painting a wash of naples yellow with some raw sienna thrown in for variation.  Then it was onto the scary/exciting bit of putting in various washes of naples yellow mixed with varying amounts of French Ultramarine and Burnt Umber on the castle walls.


DSC01820I’ve got a soft spot for Hastings and its pier.  I’ve been there several times this year, but never been able to paint it there and then.  The person with me has not been amenable to sitting around watching “paint dry”. Fair enough.  I obviously need a solo trip. Anyway, this is the old pier from a photo at low tide.  I’m fairly pleased with it, especially the glassy reflections, but the sea on the left could do with something – I just don’t know what.


Started the class drawing with my left hand, which was a revelation – did better drawing with my left hand than my right. Then tried to carry through the freedom into my watercolour sketch, which worked well. The tutor was very good encouraging me to keep it loose and use only 3 colours. My scanner won’t work unless it has ink in it, so I’m afraid it’s another poor phone photo.IMG_20171003_152433970-2

Painted on our last day. I deliberately reverted to a more realistic view. Again the circumstances of the painting were unusual. It was very hot and windy on the beach. I painted this standing up holding the pad and the palette in one hand constantly fighting the wind which kept flipping the pages. I had nearly ‘finished’ when I was summoned to the cafe for lunch, so I may add some extra touches.

Pluses – looks quite like the view

Minuses – I couldn’t get the tone / colour of the big background tree correct and it went from quite pale to quite dark and overworked. The hills in the distance were very dark where they were in cloud shadow and very light in the sun. I couldn’t capture that without risking spoiling completely.


Have re-uploaded a better scan of this pic.

Here’s another one. It’s not a very good photo of the painting. This time I only used a fat brush and tried to paint quickly without worrying if shapes were right. The colours came out a bit too bright!

This was my going mad attempt from real life. I used almost any colours I had to hand which I thought had the right tonal values. I was surprised it retained some semblance of reality.

I will post photo I took of scene when I get back .

Some aspects of this I quite like and I think there is something I could work on.

Here is the reference photo taken after i finished – the shadows are darker and longer.

Obviously I had to do this from a photo. As usual not very loose. I tried a second time and it was even worse on the looseness front. It’s jolly but I’m really at the end of my tether trying to develop my painting style.IMG_20170924_184129019

Spent a lovely week in Eastbourne and these are a couple of skies from a couple of mornings

Back to to my old ways . Only real thing of interest was that I painted while naked on a public beach. As just about everybody else had no clothes on and it was hot I decided to join in . Surprisingly normal  and unembarrassing and quite liberating!  Pity the painting didn’t have more freedom Read the rest of this entry »

A postcard size painting of the town walls, which I would send to Dave but will seem passé by the time he gets home.IMG_20170922_180625818~3.jpg



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